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The SMS/Text Manual Every Savvy Offline Consultant Should Have
Dear SMS Professional,

As you already know, providing Text Marketing Service to businesses is absolutely crucial to their financial success. We've all witnessed that SMS Marketing can become the lifeblood of business owners if...

1. The list is big (which means we need to grow it fast)
2. The offers are attractive to the customers
3. The timing is right, like sending a dinner special at 4 PM

But what happens when you get a new client, and customers are signing up slowly or you're sending out terrific offers at 4 PM to a very small list? Do huge numbers of people come through the door? Not really. Is your client delighted with the new income? Not really.
Revolving-Door Clients
As your campaign creaks forward week after week, with offers going out, and you're billing the client regularly, the business owner is seeing cost, but not much benefit.

It goes without saying that client is going to leave and your reputation could take a massive hit. Oops! Well, good news! We can fix that.
The Only Three Ways To Make More Money
Get More New Clients
Get More Checks From Clients You Already Have
Raise Prices
Getting more new clients is a good idea, but if they leave one after another, then you're on a treadmill, running hard to get nowhere fast.
The solution? Get more checks from the clients you've got.
You've got to dependably produce the results you promise in every single text marketing campaign you lead. In fact, there are zero reasons why you can't consistently exceed the expectations that you SMS clients for building their business - when you utilize the SECOND SECRET of text marketing.

Fortunately, you've finally discovered the unfair advantage that other SMS professionals don't know:

1. Grow your client lists FAST! (The insider's success secret that makes the difference.)

2. And even more important - having a way to measure how well a campaign is working TODAY, and instantly knowing how to adjust it when you need to get back on track.

We tested it. It works! And I guarantee you it's essential to help build the responsive list your SMS clients deserve.

I'm sharing the solution with you, right now.
A Solution Used By Every Large Business...
The manual in this package, SMS SOP Text Bible (Business Owner Edition), provides the exact solutions to: (a) enlist the business owner and staff into ENTHUSIASTIC SUPPORT, (b) get FASTEST RESULTS when list building for your client, and (c) use the SECRET CALCULATION we discovered to immediately confirm the campaign is on target, and exactly what to do when the campaign is going astray.

This manual serves as a "standard operating procedure" blueprint to ensure the absolute best success when implementing an SMS marketing camapgin for your clients. It's written from the vantage point of a consultant for a business owner to use.

I can say without any hesitation...

This manual should be in the hands of every text marketing client you have. This is the first SOP ever created for SMS, and it's an absolute necessity for savvy offline consultants. Regardless of whether you currently have an SMS client or not, this manual should be in YOUR hands!
Get the SMS SOP Bible today for only $47!
The most newbie-friendly, dead simple offline service.
Here Is How You Will Use It
  • Give this manual to a client at the beginning of a mobile campaign.
  • Make them sign the "Getting Started Agreement" which includes a requirement to read the SOP Manual.
  • Follow up with your "Lifetime Expectancy Chart" on the specified days, and fill it in at day 30, 45, and 90 days from the start of your mobile campaign.
  • Provide your client the "Tracking Form" so they can closely track their deals for historical marketing statistics that will allow you, 'The Mobile Consultant', to do more effective marketing.
Who Is This For?
This document is made with the business owner in mind, to establish proper expectations of your client (and solidify your authority as a mobile marketing expert).

This manual is written to be useful the business owner. You give him this S.O.P. Manual when starting a text campaign, he is virtually forced to maximize success, and this leads to greater client retention for you as a consultant.
Why Do I Need This?
This manual is your safety net. Because SMS Marketing is still new, it is important for your clients to understand that certain strategic steps must be taken. Likewise, the correct sequence has to be followed to optimize business success. This document frees you of future blame, or lesser results, because the clear instructions guarantee successful campaigns, spelled out step by step.
“SMS Is the most NEWBIE friendly & VETERAN approved simple offline service to collect windfalls of cash & recurring checks quickly!”
Benefit From My Two Years Of Extensive Testing
The business owner’s edition of the SMS S.O.P. Text Bible (and the complete consultant’s training course for signing up clients) is the detailed result of two years field-tested experience and instantly become an sms expert…whether you have your first sms client or not. I highly recommend you get this manual now, or resign yourself to figuring it out the hard way.  - Jason Bell
What You Get
  • The startling 95% success factor that almost all consultants overlook
  • How to “shanghai” a crew to help you for free, and why you’ll lose your socks if you don’t
  • The Instant-Response secret: the top 24 sms-text-marketing offers, with examples
  • How to calculate the size of your customer’s list before you build it, and why that’s essential
  • How to zero-in on the exact offers, exact wording, and exact timing to create a crowd
  • Why handing a book to the owner takes you off the hook, and gets the big results
  • The missing factor of client-training, and why completing training in one session will bomb
  • How to establish yourself as an authority and how to demand what you need to succeed
  • How to hold the owner accountable for results; and how to overdeliver in spite of him
  • Timing is everything; the three quick steps in the beginning that deliver FOREVER clients
The Bad News
Without these key steps, most of your text campaigns will fail.

I know. I saw it happen...until we adopted the “SOP Method”.

Fact - the majority of text-campaigns fail, or limp along weakly. However, there’s a very transparent reason why they fail.

Fact - the majority of SMS Consultants fail to get great results for their business clients...AND IT’S NOT THE CONSULTANT’S FAULT!

Your job as an SMS Consultant is create lists for your client, send offers, and make money for your client. It’s fairly easy to sign up clients -- a complete method is included -- but how to KEEP the clients?

If you’ve been failing to build the big list that makes the difference, or just coming up too slow to blast dramatic results through the door, then grab this, the “second” secret to successful text-marketing campaigns, and you can avoid these so-called “inevitable” failures.

You can deliver the goods for your business clients. Everybody happy.

Avoid Shame, Embarrassment, And Financial Loss
Anything you can measure, you can manage.

Running a text-campaign with no way to track? You can never learn which campaigns work best; so you can’t make the owner ecstatic.

Building a text-marketing list, with no guidance to build it big fast? It won’t get big fast enough.

Operating with no guidance system is like running blindfolded through the woods at night. You’re going to collide with a tree. The harder you’re running, the more it’s going to hurt.

Let’s fix that.
Get the SMS SOP Bible today for only $27!
The most newbie-friendly, dead simple offline service.
Michael Kosalka

Hi Jason,

Thanks for the review copy. Written well, straight to the point, no fluff. Just pure useful content. It will help mobile consultants too. I was amazed by 24 types of offers. It opened my creative mind and way to offer professional SMS marketing services. Every mobile consultant should read this. Thanks.

Cheers, Michael

Larry Fleckinger

Jason Bell is an absolute genius when it comes to SMS. He uses SMS daily for his bread & butter. He doesn’t talk theory and what he teaches comes from his personal experience selling and setting up SMS for local businesses.

I read a review copy of this product and if you are doing SMS now in your business or if you are planning to start an SMS business this is absolutely a must-have product. It is all about setting up and running their SMS campaign to increase their bottom line. It is pure nuts and bolts and it will make YOU look like an SMS Pro!

You can always trust Jason to over deliver on anything he does.

Cynthia Abel (

Having trained with Jason on SMS. I can tell you this book covers those critical questions. I had about managing a text marketing campaign. Running a successful SMS marketing campaign takes more than software setup, a pretty poster, and a phone number to text to.

The critical missing piece of SMS marketing campaigns is creating and running the actual campaigns. “HOW TO RUN A PROFITABLE TEXT MARKETING CAMPAIGN’ addresses the practical nuts and bolts of running campaigns such as:

- Who and how to tell customers about the campaign.
- Ideas on kinds of offers to use.
- What results to expect and what to do to ensure those results.
- Internal and external list building practices.
- Text marketing tips and do’s and don’ts.

If you are doing text marketing, get this. Just the sections on working with business owners and staff, and ideas on kinds of offers to use are worth the price.

My commitment to you is to deliver immense value. Here you will find pure content. No fluff allowed! I can guarantee you will learn something on every page of the manual and the bonus materials. If you do not have “Ah-ha” moments and see no value in this guide, I will refund your money 100%!
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Get the SMS SOP Bible today for only $47!
The most newbie-friendly, dead simple offline service.
Our "Always Working & Effort Based" Guarantee
We always support our software products and training. Investing in our solutions is an investment for both you and us. We do not refund 'just because', or because some customers want to 'try it out'. For this reason, we have an assurance based and effort based policy. So, if for any reason, our software stops working and is not fixable, we'll happily refund every penny!

We want people who are serious about taking their business to the next level.  We encourage commitment from you, and those are the only customers we want. If you're a tire kicker and don't plan on implementing, we do not want you to invest. Feel free to reach out to support, and review the videos and training we provide to ensure you're making the best decision for your business.

Our systems are proven, and we are not on trial. For finer details of our refund policy, you can refer to this link. We look forward to serving you, and helping you grow your business!

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